Package Your Business Application in APS and get into the Cloud!

iSynergy enables ISVs to take their products & services to cloud. iSynergy is Parallels partner to integrate Parallels SaaS platform with ISV products &services through APS. iSynergy’s Cloud services offerings, delivery capabilities, technology experience and understanding of Parallels platform has delivered successful and seamless integration experience to Parallels customers.

Work with us to get your application packaged in APS! We have new tools and the improved processes to make
it easier for any ISV to enable, promote, sell and profit from using the Application Packaging Standard.

SaaS/ Cloud enabling advantages to ISVs:

Consolidated billing and account management
Single Sign-on
Sales channel development, extended reach to customers

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Additional Information:
•   Please visit the APS Standard website for more information on the Application Packaging Standard.
•   For more information on Parallels Cloud Services and examples of other companies already packaged in APS,
     please visit the Parallels Cloud Services home page.

Our Client Says
"We worked with iSynergy on database migration project. The team was very focused and performed well, despite of the technical challenges. They were particularly good on the delivery schedule"

Sr. Director of Engineering,
product development company in Silicon Valley.
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